Kathryn was key in enabling ErnstConnected to hire and grow. She was able to interpret my creative process into a job profile we’ve since hired for. We’ve become more productive and organized since working with Kathryn.
— Jacqueline Ernst, founder of ErnstConnected

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Introducing 5 Mindset Shifts That Will Save You Time™, the free email course that will show you how simple changes in our mindsets can make a huge impact on our schedules.

This course was written with the busy entrepreneur in mind, struggling to balance work and home life. But we all know that you don’t need to be an entrepreneur to feel overwhelmed and want to save time. So regardless of your season of life and work situation, there is most likely something covered that will support you.

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Have you ever caught yourself saying any of these things?

— All I need is more time

— As long as I stay busy I must be productive

— If I could just multitask more

— I can do it all with sheer will power

It’s so easy for us to look at our stress, our never ending to-do list, and think that having more time is the answer that will solve all our problems. 



#WRTALK About Your Job Blog Feature
— With Managing Director Kathryn Hofer, 1 April 2016